Hold On To Peace

red hold on to pieceHold On To Peace…Pray for all nations and have peace within our hearts and share your love. The way things are going the hate that is all around us is unbelievable. It totally amazes me … how this all came about, maybe it was always there. But in my lifetime I don’t remember it being so bad… do you?   with love..Sherri

The Starfish Story: One step towards changing the world ★ — Deniz Yıldızının Hikayesi: Dünyayı değiştirmeye doğru bir adım. ★

Source: The Starfish Story: One step towards changing the world ★ — Deniz Yıldızının Hikayesi: Dünyayı değiştirmeye doğru bir adım. ★

I Am Waiting For You

Hi Everyone, sure trying to get here … really it is so true, I just have had so many things

to take care of and Of My Daughter Michele will be gone Aug 18th, so Its been a little down.. so I thought I would cheer myself up and send some art, hope you like it.. I wasi n a bit of a rush… You guys are so nice to comment or like when I am not here… thank you so so much…Just in case Dear Ones!!! If you are interested in buying something…wow!! that would be nice to… If not Cherio!!! hug…I am waiting for you by Sherri of palmsprings

I just loved doing this lovely gal, I think she is so pretty, I have a lot of apparel and home-decor.. but could you believe it.. I couldn’t find them in my so organized computer.. lol

When I come back I have a couple of doosies..ART.. they are way out of the box.

I am who I am4yes4 jpg


aqua shower curtain by sherri nicholas

This is a image of a shower curtain I designed

Oh Bo, how cute,

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via $1.00 Art Auction — Laura Barbosa’s Heart of Art Blog — Amazing Fine Art

Life And Love Begin..Sherri’s Of Palm Spring

To All You Dear People

I sometimes wonder after our mommies have us and

LIFE and LOVE begin does the love always stay?

My mom use to say believe that life is not a BED OF ROSES

When I think of that saying, they really ARE  negative words

It true but instead… Think!! LIFE IS A BED OF ROSES!!!

From child on and through our lives we don’t need negative thoughts

its hard enough to keep your self going…. so the strong will ..think

It is A BED OF ROSES,We need to stay in the  right places

Where are the right places…For me it is my God and me inside

for those that are still looking… God Bless You , Life can turnaround!!



Share The Love, Peace and Kindness to all


 Life Begins