Auschwitz: Photographs from Hell | Iconic Photos

Horrible to think that this could happen.. thank you for sharing and I will share this on my blog..

First Night History

This week, the world paused briefly to remember 27th January 1945 when the Red Army liberated Auschwitz.  The press release from the White House, now improbably occupied by a man who has sur…

Source: Auschwitz: Photographs from Hell | Iconic Photos

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Sketch of the day no 1031 in my moleskine art journal: white breasted kingfisher. 

Be free as a bird. Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of a white breasted kingfisher in the garden.

Source: Sketch of the day no 1031 in my moleskine art journal: white breasted kingfisher. 

Full Moon In Sagittarius: A Change Of Seasons

Openhearted Rebel

By Carmen DiLuccio, Collective Evolution

We are having another Sagittarian Full Moon on Monday, June 20th aligned with the Galactic Center. This will be the second one in this sign occurring back to back, as the last Full Moon a month ago was in the beginning of Sagittarius while this one is at the end of it.

This is basically an astrological ‘Blue Moon’ instead of a calendar version, although this isn’t something that is recognized and acknowledged. It will occur at 11:02am Universal Time (Click here for your time zone).

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Man Of Peace by Sherri Of Palm Springs


Sweater pink bedding sets-Beddinginn Reviews

Beautiful .. oh I love it..

Beddinginn Reviews


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Story Of This little Picture

This little picture is only I would We were in Palm Springs.. 100 years agolooking for a house, we were still livingin Chicago but wanted to have a secondhome here till we retired. Wellwe found one. It had this picture in a bedroom, I swear I bought the house because of this picture it reminded me of when Michele was just about this age Agal called me and said Sherri take a look out your window… Oh not there was Michele walk down the side walk dragging her diaper behind her Needless to say I ran out to get her..Will never forget that that on my journey of life with my Michele. As most of you know she is in heaven.

Take My Heart

Oh my dear friends, so beautiful would to put it on y blogs, miss you all…hugs Sherri

Mihran Kalaydjian's Official Blog

This is a very special piece with piano and Duduk instrument ( The Armenian duduk is one of the oldest music instruments in the history of mankind.)

The lyrics of this instrumental ” Take my Heart” is following:

“I wish you were a flower in my garden. I wish you were a bird flying over my garden. I wish you were with me, my love. Stay with me, don’t cause me too much pain. You may take my heart away if you wish, only please don’t leave me. Stay with me and I will do anything for you.”


Arman Demerjian – duduk, lead vocals
Mihran Kalaydjian- Piano
Aram Kasabian – Lead Guitar
Hratch Panossian – Bass
Samer Khoury – Violin
Tony Amer – Saxophone
Haim Cohen – KeyBoard
Albert Panikian – Trumpet
Nicole Del Sol – Percussion
Dana Debos – Trombone
Roman Calote – accordion


The duduk translates the…

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They follow:they are constant…

God: has granted us these blessings… Psalms 23:6 (KJV) “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever”. At …

Source: They follow:they are constant…

A Crazy Little Dream of Sherri Of Palm Springs

Well another one of my digital innovations. I  have to admit  this must have been a  trip to space in my dreams. Do you believe they have orange moons  and the rock houses were all lite up..not by bulbs but by round fire. Now that is original..   I found this piece of work strange but again fun to imagine..and paint digitally, 2013-01-02-136-copy3-jpeg

Beauty Of Trees by Sherri Of Palm Springs

Originally I did these trees and dedicated it to the people of Japan, when they had their horrible earthquake.They sure do have such a rough time when they hit their country.If you have heard of the San Andreas monster of a fault line, runs through all the desert cities way up past L. A and farther.. They keep saying anytime the big one will hit us..I have been in many earthquakes since I moved to California..  So I know  earthquakes happen my heart goes out to them…  I am sure so many of you know what an earthquakes like.. right!! Tell me about them if you would like…1-misty-morning-003

A Collage Of Things

A Collage Of Just Fun Things

little bit of parts of other pictures of mine put together

Just to have a little fun, it is not on the market yet and maybe it won’t be. I do a lot of art that I just save and maybe re-do it at another time. But I hope you all like it.By the way sorry I haven’t been here in a long while.. Life had taken a turn for a while you all know about my Michele going to heaven.. she is God’s angel now..Thank You always for your comments.. So very much appreciated !!Sherri


Beddinginn reviews for car seat covers

How cool.. and thank you for your like on Thank You Friends.. so very nice of you

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Michele Saying Hi and Goodbye and See You In Heaven..


This has been such a sad time in my family and my life. It breaks my heart and hurts so bad just to think she is not here anymore. But she sure is in a good place.. I just wanted you to see how lovely and sweet she was.. Her hear and soul where just as beautiful.. hank You all so much for always being so kind..




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