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A Crazy Little Dream of Sherri Of Palm Springs

Well another one of my digital innovations. I  have to admit  this must have been a  trip to space in my dreams. Do you believe they have orange moons  and the rock houses were all lite up..not by bulbs but by round fire. Now that is original..   I found this piece of work strange but again fun to imagine..and paint digitally, 2013-01-02-136-copy3-jpeg

A Collage Of Things

A Collage Of Just Fun Things

little bit of parts of other pictures of mine put together

Just to have a little fun, it is not on the market yet and maybe it won’t be. I do a lot of art that I just save and maybe re-do it at another time. But I hope you all like it.By the way sorry I haven’t been here in a long while.. Life had taken a turn for a while you all know about my Michele going to heaven.. she is God’s angel now..Thank You always for your comments.. So very much appreciated !!Sherri


Sherri Of Palm Spring zazzle-Home Decor

Sherri Of Palm Springs

Please visit my Zazzle Store and see some of my new products..I sure would appreciate it

if you would comment…Thank you ..So Much…Share it.above the crowd shower curtains by Sherri



Now What? got my answer…all good Thank You God!!!

There are the good days and years
and then there are the days of what now
One never knows from one day to the next,
Today is a day of what now.

Talking to God and asking his advice
and waiting for my answer.

Sitting here and wondering and thinking
for a new way. what road to take.
not knowing were it will go.
But do we ever know from day to day
I am writing this as I talking to myself
it is my thoughts for the day..
I am not reading over, this is
what it is.

Dedicated to hope, new beginnings


I was going to paint a picture and my eye came to this I was looking thru my computer…Hugging God!!!
elements computer

abstract 645.3jpg

Home Sweet Home!! But a little Cold

Happy New Year to everyone..Home sweet Home…Is were I hope you will be spending time with your family and friends but of course with your friends here at Word PressHOME SWEET HOME BY SHERRIOFOPALMSPRINGS

Roses Are Red Violets Are These Roses Are Just for You

Just To Make Sure I Get Here Everyday…Its one A day For My Art!!!  Dedicated To Peace On Earth- Sherri Of Palm Springs-I would love for you to comment on my art…It sure would mean a LotTexture for artwork and photography from Flypaper Textures and over again by sherri


Cave Man Writings

Cave Man Of Peru

Good Morning World!!!


Another Day To Be Thankful for what we have

Another Day to love,Another Day To Care

Another Day To Help One Another

Another Day To Share

Another Day To Spread The Love

Another Day To Make A Better W