I Am Waiting For You

Hi Everyone, sure trying to get here … really it is so true, I just have had so many things

to take care of and Of My Daughter Michele will be gone Aug 18th, so Its been a little down.. so I thought I would cheer myself up and send some art, hope you like it.. I wasi n a bit of a rush… You guys are so nice to comment or like when I am not here… thank you so so much…Just in case Dear Ones!!! If you are interested in buying something…wow!! that would be nice to… If not Cherio!!! hug…I am waiting for you by Sherri of palmsprings

I just loved doing this lovely gal, I think she is so pretty, I have a lot of apparel and home-decor.. but could you believe it.. I couldn’t find them in my so organized computer.. lol

When I come back I have a couple of doosies..ART.. they are way out of the box.

I am who I am4yes4 jpg


aqua shower curtain by sherri nicholas

This is a image of a shower curtain I designed

Shoot For The Moon

Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.
Les Brown
Well I am going to shoot for my gold dream moon…
I share it with all my artist friends..
This is a little dream I had the other nite and the moon was gold. I have to think that this was a lucky moon dream. I sure would hope so.
I have positive on all things that aren’t quite right at the moment…well actually longer then that..lol
Have dream and sleep now
and when you wake
shoot for the moon

http://www.society6.com/sherriofpalmspringsshoot for the moon2-003shoot for the moon pillow4

Sleeping In The Heavens

Fine Art America

Fine art 2LOVE IN A DREAM                                                                                                                            http://sherri-nicholas.artistwebsites.com/featured/sleeping-in-the-heavens-sherri-of-palm-springs.html


RED INDIAN WAVE                                                                                                                                   I called him Geronimo, I believe he was a great leader and as we all know he was lied to by our government.

I always felt sorry for him. He did try to go along with the peace process. Geronimo ended  not free all,

I love the ancient Native American culture!! We sure should have listened to them.  Speaking of our Mother

Earth and so many other things.  If you read your history books or  seen recent National Geo, they have

had wonderful documentaries on him and other wonderful Native Americans

Geronimo, by Sherri Of Palm Springs

This painting is done with acrylics on canvas


I have a friend who does the most wonderful  Western Art…I would like to give you her link

she is Susan Bergstrom


Sweet Baby Angel- My Angels at Zazzle Are All Dedicated to Cancer Research





angel serieos.zazle


by Sherri Nicholas

My angel store at Zazzle has lovely gifts, clothes things

I can make up for you! The fun part is I can personalize them for you

My Angels are all dedicated to research for breast Cancer and other

Cancers….Hoping that people will donate to the Cancer Society for as much

as they or a little as they can. My most of my family died of cancer so you can see

why I make angels for cancer…horrible word..isn’t it!! and such a terrible

disease Remember to go for your check ups…so important

Remember to go for your check ups…so important

I have one daughter going in for surgery wednesday and one we don’t have a date yet…so please take care of yourselves

Sherri Nicholas