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DeeWatches Beautiful Wedding Watch

25831801-origpic-606678Yesterday we added a new Wedding Banner for you at our links page. Perfect now that spring is around the corner. it links directly to

We have also updated the USPs to our customers to the following:

Free extra Watchstrap when you buy a Watch
Secure payment
Free Shipping Worldwide
Fast Delivery
30 days trial period
Delivered in a beautiful Giftbox
10% discount code as an extra treat:
Code: “offer-10-mars”

Little Love Boat, Couple In Love

After I got finished with the adorable image, which is painted digitally, I knew I just had to
c all The Love Boat, but there could be a copyright.. so we will call it the little Love boat.. and
sher sure looks like she is in love.. one of my clients said, I can just picture them with their shoes
and getting ready to go for cocktails of course.. lol
hope you like it..

Man Of Peace by Sherri Of Palm Springs


Touch Of Zazzle and Fine Art

These are a several pieces from my Zazzle Store.. The Shower curtains are from                            my zazzle!! http://www.zazzle.comMy Sherri Of Palm Springs Zazzle                                 love love  love designing shower curtains.. If you would like something made up with your                      picture or design for anything just about from Zazzle or even RedbubbleHome-Decor, Apparel, Office, Art Prints For Business Etc.

                   Angels are from Zazzle that will bring you into collections and my other stores.. Try it you may may like it. anything can be personalize….




Resurrection, Abstract By Sherriofpalmsprings

                                            Resurrection By Sherri Of Palm Springs




-Abstract Re-born

Home Sweet Home!! But a little Cold

Happy New Year to everyone..Home sweet Home…Is were I hope you will be spending time with your family and friends but of course with your friends here at Word PressHOME SWEET HOME BY SHERRIOFOPALMSPRINGS

Roses Are Red Violets Are These Roses Are Just for You

Just To Make Sure I Get Here Everyday…Its one A day For My Art!!!  Dedicated To Peace On Earth- Sherri Of Palm Springs-I would love for you to comment on my art…It sure would mean a LotTexture for artwork and photography from Flypaper Textures and over again by sherri





This is a picture taken through a window of outside on Skype In Northern California

I took this picture from Skype and thru my daughters window when she lived in Northern California ..of course I did my digital art on it..
I took this picture from Skype and thru my daughters window when she lived in Northern California ..of course I did my digital art on it.. I was in Southern Ca. at home…

Cave Man Writings

Cave Man Of Peru

Got The Blues? Forget It!!Cheer up

new little angel 09-204600x3000got the blues bannerGot The Blues, Forget!Hi All, thought might like to see my new collection at Society 6 other items available.