Beauty Of Trees by Sherri Of Palm Springs

Originally I did these trees and dedicated it to the people of Japan, when they had their horrible earthquake.They sure do have such a rough time when they hit their country.If you have heard of the San Andreas monster of a fault line, runs through all the desert cities way up past L. A and farther.. They keep saying anytime the big one will hit us..I have been in many earthquakes since I moved to California..  So I know  earthquakes happen my heart goes out to them…  I am sure so many of you know what an earthquakes like.. right!! Tell me about them if you would like…1-misty-morning-003


  1. cindy knoke · October 16


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    • Sherri Of Palm Springs · October 16

      Hi Dear Cindy, good to see you.. trying to get back into the groove, hope so anyhow.. thank you so much my sweet friend…sherri


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