Sharing is Caring

Hi < always share other blogs are just about sharing.. I love it.. if fact sure am going to share this.. how you doing Harsh..
I have 3 blogs on word press that I share…my joy.. I I started in 2011 in redbubble artist 4 artists and we would put artists on our front page that was fun.. now I have 4 blogs on google and share share share got to love it my friend who is such a lovely talented artist.. happy day..Sherri

The Bottom writings are not mine.. they are The Opininated Man.. And my sweet Talented Friend Harsh.. She is a Redbubbler..

HarsH ReaLiTy

I like to share posts from random bloggers. Yes I promote some authors on the side, but I also take the time to browse and find new interests. It is possibly the thing about blogging I enjoy the most.

I don’t always “Like” posts I read. I do often share those posts through a reblog. I see it as a small gesture of kindness that shows the writer I read their work and I appreciated it. At least that is how I view it.

I close all comments on reblogs and I probably annoy my readers when I over share. Tough. Anyone that is upset over the amount of email from my WordPress site at this point really needs to buy a vowel and gain a clue. I post a ton and I won’t change or stop. It is how I blog.

Sharing is caring and people love to be…

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