Six Ideas to Play Your Way to Greater Vitality – Today


Sing. Play a song that makes you feel good and sing with it. My favorite at the moment is Right Now by Rhianna featuring David Guetta. See? You are only 3:41 seconds away from moving your energy to a great place.

Dance. Play a song that inspires you to get up and move. Can you guess which song I’m dancing to do right now? Roar by Katy Perry, because I feel feisty. Time spent? 4:29 seconds.

Buy or prepare an exciting meal. You need to eat throughout the day anyway, so why not feed your spirit and your body at the same time? Do yourself a favor and let yourself enjoy your food without thinking the fun out of it. This is your life, and these moments are what make your life what it is. Enjoy your meal.

Visit with or talk with someone who makes you feel great –…

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  1. Gina · December 6, 2014

    Thank you for sharing my post, Sherri.


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