Surviving a Stroke at 33 (and Blogging About It)

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Christine Hyung-Oak Lee suffered a stroke when she was 33, and she has written about her experience in an inspiring personal essay for BuzzFeed.

Before that, she was using a pseudonym on to blog about her experiences, share details about her life, and practice her writing. In 2007, shortly after New Year’s Day, Lee wrote the following in a blog post:

something in my brain burped. most of what i want to do is just out of my grasp. i feel like i know how to do them, but then when i go to do them, i just…CAN’T. day by day, i’m regaining my abilities, so i hope this is just temporary.

Lee’s commenters urged her to see a doctor, and the next day, she responded to them from a hospital bed: “I had a stroke! Will be better.”

I spoke with Lee about her experience, and…

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One Reply to “Surviving a Stroke at 33 (and Blogging About It)”

  1. I had four mini-strokes (TIAs) in 2008 over the course of one weekend. If it hadn’t been for Mr FND insisting on ringing for an ambulance after the first one, I probably would have done nothing. They were small and I was lucky. It changed both our lives because I stopped trying to earn money from my theatre site which was causing unbearable stress, we went on our first proper holiday together (Crete), and the rest is history, as they say! Writing and art became far more important than trying to get work as an actress. Thank you for sharing this, Sherri.


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