fountain four seasons

so beautiful

Paul Militaru

The fountain was made at about 1900 and is small and green, and green to be confused with the square of the intersection Armand Calinescu Street and Carol Avenue, opposite Alpha Bank building, near the Armenian Church.
The beauty of a fountain stand and pleased to put his hand in the water to stand on its edge with the birds, feel the coolness of the water when the wind blows.
The leitmotiv of the four seasons is found frequently in classical fountains architecture. In this case, the seasons are the four girls who take symbolic or a bouquet of flowers or a sheaf of corn, a bunch of grapes or an arm of kindling. Each intervening marine elements – large shells are placed on the pedestal, and the fish in the mouth which should release water (and seemingly coming out this summer, argue with us, if you remember otherwise) argue…

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