We Know We Are Doing Bad Medicine… But…. Said the Doctor…

This is a must read

Clueless Doctors fail to keep up with the latest science.

There is a summary write-up of a discussion between doctors on MedScape. This is not an article (or video since it contains the video of three doctors’ discussion in addition to the transcript) for public viewing; one must be a published scientific article author to be able to view the original. In case you do have an article in the NIH database and have access, the link is provided. I do have access so I summarize here what the discussion is about for those who do not have access and, as before, I need to ask you to sit down before you read it. Some parts of the article are shocking.

The debate title is “The Pros and Cons of Patient Satisfaction Measures” and it is a Primary Care debate between three doctors: Bradley P. Fox, M.D., William R. Sonnenberg, M.D., and  Charles P Vega M.D. The discussion is dated…

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