Just a little note to say hi

Just a little note!!

Above The Crowd Shopping, Sherri Of Palm Springs

Hi Everyone hope your having a great weekend. Haven’t been able

to get here for awhile..see you soon… and will visit you as you have stopped my

my blog..thank you lots



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  1. www.ginabriganti.com · June 2, 2014

    Hi, Sherri!


    • Sherri Of Palm Springs · June 3, 2014

      Hi Gina, will still be away for while it all depends on so much..how doing..I really miss all of you..such nice people and you are so sweet Gina, I appreciate your little Hi..
      Thank you so much..


      • www.ginabriganti.com · June 3, 2014

        Sherri, we’ll keep the light on for you. I’m doing great. Sending lots of love your way!


  2. cluelessdoctors · June 2, 2014

    Hope all is well!! ❤


    • Sherri Of Palm Springs · June 3, 2014

      Pretty good dear Angela, I was talking to some friends in Chicago this morning and was telling them about you and your blog and facebook…super lady you are…


  3. bluedarkart · June 3, 2014

    ❤ Hi, Dear Sherri!!! Happy to see You! ★◠‿◠★ Have a Peaceful Week, my Friend! 🙂


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