I am Thrilled to tell you my Daughter came though well

Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts..I am sure it

helped bring her through her surgery. She still has a way to

go but so far so good…still waiting for more reports from the

things they sent out to be studied…

Again Thank You, honestly it helped me alot also to know some

of you were with me in the really heartbreaking time.

much love and hope




  1. First Night Design · May 16, 2014

    I’m so pleased to hear this. Keep the faith!


  2. bluedarkart · May 16, 2014

    ❤ oh Sherri! Sherri! 🙂 I'm so Happy to hear this!!!!!!!!! ♥◠‿◠♥! Want to send Oceanic Kisses and Hugs to You and Michelle, my Sweet Friend!!! ♥◠‿◠♥


    • Sherri Of Palm Springs · May 16, 2014

      Your a sweetie, it has been such a long time with all of this..hasn’t it Blue and you have been right there with me…what a dear friend you are..I now have so much catching up to do…of course still have to be there for her as much as I can..
      lots of hugs my dear sweet friend and thank you so much for your support..


  3. Hunt FOR Truth · May 16, 2014

    I am very happy to read this good news… I continue in saying prayers for you both.
    ~ Eric


    • Sherri Of Palm Springs · May 16, 2014

      thank you so much Eric, means alot..yes she still needs prayers, she really is not done yet..but she came out of surgery well..that is a blessing..in a couple of days I will send out the love and kindness..I haven’t forgotten it has been on my mind
      Thank you my friend


  4. marlynsuarezexconde · May 16, 2014

    God is good ;D


  5. www.ginabriganti.com · May 16, 2014

    Thank you for the update, Sherri. I’m so happy to know that your daughter came through the surgery well. I will continue to send lots of love to all of you.


    • Sherri Of Palm Springs · May 16, 2014

      Please do, Gina, you are so sweet I did read your other comment from the other day…so kind of you..you had made my day my sweet kind friend..today I am trying to catch up..I am so thankful for the prayers..she has a way to go…more reports etc..thank you so so much..
      much love to a sweet friend


  6. Fashion Mayann · May 16, 2014

    These are such hopeful news ! I’m sending all my support to you and to Mighty ! Mayann


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