Hi Everyone, will see you in acouple of day

I have some health problems and I I have to rest for awhile want you to know that I saw all you lovely likes and Mr. Colorado thank you so much forre-blogging my image. so kind of you..

see you all soon




  1. Fashion Mayann · May 1, 2014

    Rest as much as you can, dear Sherri … Mayann


  2. debibradford · May 1, 2014

    Rest, dear. We will be here when you return – you’ll be in our thoughts and prayers!


  3. bluedarkart · May 2, 2014

    ♥◠‿◠♥! Sweet Sherri! Rest, my Friend! We’ll be waiting for You 🙂 Always on my (our) Heart(s), Sherri ♥◠‿◠♥!


  4. happyface313 · May 2, 2014

    Get well very soon, dear Sherri! 🙂 big hug 🙂


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