Earthquake Ca. it rolled and rolled but L A !!!


Radar generated 3-D view of the San Andreas Fa...
Radar generated 3-D view of the San Andreas Fault, at Crystal Springs Reservoir near San Mateo, California. NASA Radar Provides 3-D View of San Andreas Fault (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





I was sitting at my computer

and felt my chair kind of rolling underneath me.

.said to husband was not  serious out here

some people did get damage …we are 10 miles from the San Andreas

fault. I have been through all the big  ones since I moved and they sure

are scarey..we never know if its going to be the big one they keep warning

us about..Sun City sits almost on top of The San Andrea it which is a

beautiful Country club

…can you believe that..We  never know from one day to the next

in our own lives but it terrible to know that some day, we be hit by a big one

Most are not prepared including me.

One evening years ago there a major earthquake it hit us hard, I knew it must have hit LA

I called my brother, I was fortunate enough to contact him he was

under his desk and said I have  been through earthquakes but not like this one

Sher…then I lost him. we couldn’t get a whole of him for 3 days..was so worrie turned out to be the

Northridge Earthquake …people killed and houses gone. was one of the worst in L A area. I always say nothing like living on the edge.

Watch the video if you have time. Forgive me for my grammar..forgot it a hundred years ago


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