Removing the SPD.EXE virus from Windows 7

rblog this !! happy week my friend

Don Charisma

I’ve had a few computer issues over the course of the last week. First the cooling fan packed up on my computer. Got a new fan and fixed that. Then I started having some data loss issues on my hard drives. I think I’ve solved that. Then I notice a process called “spd.exe” maxing out my CPU. I think I’ve fixed that.

They say these things come in threes, so hopefully I’m all fixed. For now !

It’s been quite frustrating at times trying to resolve these issues. My computer had it’s lid off 10 times on the one day – I was cursing, more than a little bit !

Positives that have come are that I’m making better provision for backup of my data, and the ongoing task of backing up to the cloud will continue. I’ve got a much more effective cooling system on my computer now than I…

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