Virgin’s Guide to Promoting a Blog or Website (Ethos – Part 2)

this is fantastic!!! By Don Charisma!!!

Don Charisma

It’s been two months since I wrote what’s been lovingly nicknamed “Virgin’s guide to SEO”. It’s probably been the most popular post that I’ve done with more than 250 likes. It’s a really hard act to follow, and I hope that I will be able to do it justice. If you haven’t already then I’d suggest reading it – Virgin’s guide to SEO

I intend to do a series, but I like to have tested out things that I’m talking about first. With anything Google/SEO this takes time, a lot of it, it’s a waiting game as much as anything. The Google cogs turn slowly and quite rightly they have probably trillions of pages to index and serve you up every-time you request your daily Google menu. Props on them, they do (and have) deliver(ed) the best results of any search engine for years now.

This (Part 2) is about…

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  1. Fashion Mayann · November 28, 2013

    This post is extremely interesting ! I wanted to wish you a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving ! I hope that, right now, you’re having a beautiful time with your loved ones ! X


    • Sherri Of Palm Springs · November 30, 2013

      Hi Mayann, we wonderful time and how kind of you to think of me and my family..but you seem so thought of a person…I guess that is why I found you and you beautiful blog..and love your blog..
      thank you so much my friend


    • Sherri Of Palm Springs · December 1, 2013

      I am sure I was..
      thank you again, your so nice and thoughful Mayann


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