One swallow doesn’t make a summer

how cool of a necklace Bambi!!

Bambi Schnell


The first time I saw this gold color object, I asked myself what it could be. You too, didn’t you? For three black flying swallows, this is ,no-doubt, a necklace. Their eyes are decorated with Swarovski crystals. It brings attractiveness and cheerfulness to your look at the same time. And then, about the hands, what exactly is it? Well, I’ll reveal it to you….. these are only a very original pair of glasses from Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Projects. Handmade. I think it will be difficult to see with them. As a headband, perhaps ?

La première fois que j’ai vu cet objet doré, je me suis demandée que ça pourrait être. Vous aussi, non ? Pour les trois hirondelles noires qui volent, qui volent, c’est un collier évidemment. Leurs yeux sont décorés avec cristal Swarovski. Sympa et donner la gaieté à votre look. Et les mains alors…

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