Bobby Dar His Art and His People Of Pakistan

Bobby Dar in Pakistan
This will be a every otherday series until I finish the story of Bobby.
 I would like to tell you how I met Bobby. We are both artists and
belong to the same art community Redbubble; which is a wonderful artist website with awesome artists. One day I got an Redbubble email and it was Bobby asking me to help him get around
the site. That was no problem as I had been there for quite sometime and I was happy to help..It was a little difficult for both of us seeing as he would ask questions and we had to go back and forth on the mail until he had a full understanding. He did good. Bobby is well liked and a favorite of a lot of the artists on our Redbubble including me.

This will be a story of Bobby Dar, his town and people in Pakistan. The 28th will be the first in a series about Bobby and His Art.. He is a wonderful sketching artist. You will see the way he expresses himself through his art.
I am not a professional writer by all means, but I do appreciate artists and people that work hard and try their best at whatever they do . My blogs will present these kinds of artists and people..please forgive my English. It was never my enjoy!!!


When i was Alone and sad

then one day i dialed a random Number
and i sing a song
Plz call me
i Lost
when i woke
when i sleep
i dont know
I shall die if u not find me
and suddenly i heard the MAGICAL VOICE from out side
Hello , How r u?
Will u friendship me?
and i feel i m senceless
and i 4get all my sorrows
i cant 4get the MAGICAL VOICE
full of love and Sweet
and day by day we make best friends
and now i dont recngnize his
by bobby


7 Replies to “Bobby Dar His Art and His People Of Pakistan”

  1. I know Bobby, you are very good to do this Sherri. He is a very clever artist and I can always tell at a glance exactly who his sketch is representing.Best wishes to you and Bobby.Morag


  2. Wonderful blog and tribute to Bobby Dar dear Sherri. I think his sketches are amazing and this poem is just wonderful. I look forward to further chapters my lovely friend. Anthea Slade


  3. ahhhh so this is what you've been doing with your spare time dear Sherri. You have a very nice and interesting blog which I have enjoyed visiting… so I will be back for more :)Bobby is a talented man and he is lucky to have you as a friend.All the best.Love Maree


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