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These are a several pieces from my Zazzle Store.. The Shower curtains are from                            my zazzle!! http://www.zazzle.comMy Sherri Of Palm Springs Zazzle                                 love love  love designing shower curtains.. If you would like something made up with your                      picture or design for anything just about from Zazzle or even RedbubbleHome-Decor, Apparel, Office, Art Prints For Business Etc.

                   Angels are from Zazzle that will bring you into collections and my other stores.. Try it you may may like it. anything can be personalize….

Beautiful Pink spaggetti summer With The Words, “GIVE THANKS FOR WHAT YOU HAVE”The pink is a beautiful soft pink with pretty delicate flowers, what a gift for someone or you and your daughter… I have one but in white with a butterfly and a tote and scarf to match… I sure received a lot of comments on it you can personalize if you choose.. Zazzle makes wonderful products Designer Sherri Nicholas


Life is pain

Cristian, you got that right..

Cristian Mihai


“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” William Goldman

I’m not a big fan of “positive thinking.” Yes, it’s important that we love ourselves, that we try to see all that is good and worthy of gratitude in us and others. I believe in seeing the light in others and offering them the support they need to better themselves.

But I also know that it is extremely important that we be realistic about what is what and who is who.

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Beautiful designer rose abstract pillow with soft colors of pinks, white, shades of soft more pinks and whites. with the beautiful Serenity prayer. I just love my design it is so soft and lovely I am sure you will to.. you do not have to have the prayer on it. if you just like the color of the pillow.. great gift for almost anyone.. or just for a Living room or bedroom, I have matching shower curtains and other bath accessories also..lots of fun things with my design and zazzles wonderful workmanship. Sherri of Palm Springs


Sherri Of Palm Spring zazzle-Home Decor

Sherri Of Palm Springs

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