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Jagdish Singh

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DeeWatches Beautiful Wedding Watch

25831801-origpic-606678Yesterday we added a new Wedding Banner for you at our links page. Perfect now that spring is around the corner. it links directly to https://www.deewatch.com/wedding

We have also updated the USPs to our customers to the following:

Free extra Watchstrap when you buy a Watch
Secure payment
Free Shipping Worldwide
Fast Delivery
30 days trial period
Delivered in a beautiful Giftbox
10% discount code as an extra treat:
Code: “offer-10-mars”


The Neighborhood

Happy Resurrection Day


800,000 people will succumb to depression, while battling some other form of mental illness, that they were unaware they even had. On Easter Sunday, say a prayer that those suffering from mental illness will seek help.

The Neighborhood’s 2nd Annual
April 23 – 28
No worries. We Gotchu.


with Always This Late


written & edited by Kendall F. Person

SilenceOn the clearest night, when the clouds fail to appear, clearing the stage for the
performance of the stars. And when the weather is just right, and all the day’s responsibility are behind us; and not on a day reserved for our favorite show, but on a night when we have no excuses, no way out of being alone with ourselves, under the vast expanse of a starlit sky. And once our minds are captured, by what we will later call…

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Good Morning from Sunny Palm Springs

Dear Friends
I would like to say thank you to all of you who are following my blogs and for the
comments and likes. I try hard to get here more but life forces me in so many
directions.. So know that I will get here a much as I can..
God Bless all

Little Love Boat, Couple In Love

After I got finished with the adorable image, which is painted digitally, I knew I just had to
c all The Love Boat, but there could be a copyright.. so we will call it the little Love boat.. and
sher sure looks like she is in love.. one of my clients said, I can just picture them with their shoes
and getting ready to go for cocktails of course.. lol
hope you like it..

Soft Rose Bloom In Red And Purple – Featured Art Print

SoftI  Rose Bloom In Red And Purple is a wall art print I created using a soft watercolor technique. This technique creates defined lines that compliment a soft watercolor look. This print was…

Source: SoIft Rose Bloom In Red And Purple – Featured Art Print

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